Flexible purchasing strategies

  • Select fixed or flexible elements of your electricity supply contract. 

  • Choose the delivery point that suits you.

  • Choose from our three pricing models: Residual, Hourly Balanced, or Shape. 


How does it work?


We offer three core flexible power pricing models: Residual, Hourly Balanced or Shape. We will help you to decide on the option that's most suited to your business, depending on your profiled consumption, preference for budget certainty and desire for flexibility.    


What are the benefits? 

  • Manage risk and achieve budget certainty.

  • Secure the best market price available at the time of transaction.

  • Benefit from the use of N2EX prices, which are the most market reflective prices available, meaning less risk and lower costs.

  • Unlimited reforecasting to help you to stay within tolerance.

  • Trade clip sizes as small as 0.1MW without the usual extra charges.

  • Unlimited opportunity to fix and unfix your volume for an optimised market price.


Can I buy renewable electricity?


As the world's largest generator of offshore wind, we're committed to providing you with renewable options. DONG Energy supplies renewable energy without the premium, putting renewable 'green' contracts on an equal footing with ‘brown’ contracts. We believe that by making this investment on behalf of UK companies, we can help to bring businesses closer to a sustainable energy future.


We realise that many organisations want to understand how and where renewable power is generated. Our renewable electricity is always sourced from quali­fied renewable generation sources and we evidence this with Renewable Energy Generation of Origin certi­ficates (REGOs).