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​What we offer

Energy is both our product and fuel - that's why we want to be a company
that fosters positive energy both in and out of the workplace. 


We offer competitive benefit packages which include pension, life assurance, income protection, and generous holiday entitlements.
In addition to making sure that our employees are taken care of on a practical level, we also offer a few extras to promote a healthy and holistic work life.    


We promote a healthy lifestyle starting with nutritious meals and supporting well-balanced diets.  





We want to ensure that you have access to classes, facilities, and programs that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.  


Good days start with a good night's rest. We offer a variety of tools to help support better sleeping habits so you have energy and strength to sieze the day!




Mental Balance

It is important to us that you are given strategies and exercises that ensure there is a balance between your work and your lifestyle.

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Yvonne Zwiers, Wind Turbines Project ManagerYvonne Zwiers, Wind Turbines Project Manager

​I'm an offshore wind turbine project manager, so overall I'm responsible for everything to do with getting the wind turbines installed, out at sea and producing power.

What do you do in your job?
I'm an offshore wind turbine project manager, so overall I'm responsible for everything which has to do with getting the wind turbines installed out at sea and producing power. This includes managing the contract, ensuring health and safety throughout the project, making sure we progress on time and budget, and managing any risks.

What do you love about your job?
I love the excitement of building up these huge turbines in a challenging environment, especially dealing with such a large scope with only a small team and having a lot of responsibility in that process. Getting the job done is really motivating and satisfying.

Initially I thought working in renewables and in a "green" industry was a nice to have – because I thought the biggest part I would like is the huge structures we're dealing with. But after getting into the job I found contributing to the well-being of people and our planet actually meant much more to me than I thought, so now I wouldn't want to miss that.

What qualifications have you got?
I've got a masters degree in geophysics which although isn't directly related to this role has helped me have the right mindset, and technical and physics understanding I need in this role. I also did quite a bit of field work during my masters so although the actual content is different, having experience in the practical side of things is very helpful.

What kind of personal qualities do you think are important for your role?
It’s essential to have a questioning attitude and never give up. I think it’s also important to like having lots of responsibility. At times you also need a lot of energy, and to really love what you do because it is high pressure, but very rewarding. For this sort of project manager role you have to be able to combine enough technical insight with the ability to drive people. It’s just good leadership skills really, so you can pull people together including contractors and stakeholders around you and motivate people to do their work well.   


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Richard Swann, Construction Project ManagerRichard Swann, Construction Project Manager

​I am the Construction Manager for the Hornsea Project One onshore substation, I am responsible for managing the delivery of the onshore substation throughout the construction phase from a green field to a full commissioned and operational substation.

​What do you do in your job?  
I am the Construction Manager for the Hornsea Project One onshore substation, I am responsible for managing the delivery of the onshore substation throughout the construction phase from a green field to a full commissioned and operational substation.

What do you love about your job?/What is interesting about your role?
The best thing about my job is that it is dynamic, even though we have a detailed plans for the project each day brings new challenges. It is very rewarding in that the end result is something real that you can see, touch and be proud of.

What inspired you to work in the renewables industry/your role?
I first came into renewables whilst working for the Principal Contractor for DONG Energy on the Westermost Rough onshore substation, which introduced me to the offshore wind industry and DONG Energy. I enjoyed the project and working with DONG Energy so much that following successful delivery I upped sticks and joined DONG Energy on the Burbo Bank project.

Do you have any insights for someone wanting to get into a similar career?
Unfortunately there is no quick way to become a Construction Manager as it relies on experience and knowledge built up over time. A degree in a construction related topic is a good starting point and from there look to join a company that is recognised for investing in their employees, that will give you the right training and experience to advance your career. It's hard work but worth it!

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​Our employees work with cutting-edge technologies in a changing sector and we develop tomorrow’s solutions in the energy sector, both in practice and in theory.


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​At DONG Energy it is important to us that our employees return home feeling at least as good as they did when they left in the morning


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​As a company we offer a variety of development programmes and also give you the opportunity to develop personally as well as professionally.


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​We want to deliver clean and reliable energy entirely without emitting CO2. That is why we need ambitious colleagues, who are dedicated and can turn ideas into action.


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