Wild Energy


In partnership with the Natural History Museum, we offered DONG Energy employees the chance to show off their photographic skills of capturing Wild Energy.


This year's theme encouraged employees to capture images as simple as a squirrel scuttling along the branch of a tree or a fox flitting past a street lamp in an urban setting. After the many creative entries received, we’ve found our winner! Read the stories behind the photos and get to know the photographer behind the lens.



Winner: Richard Guy 

 Senior Manager, Execution Continuous Improvement


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Story behind the photo
My girlfriend and I were hiking the trail from Landmannalaugar to Þorsmörk in Iceland this summer when we first heard, and then saw, this group of horses galloping towards us.  The giant ice cap of Mýrdalsjökull and a volcanic crater are in the background.  I only had the chance to take a couple of shots before they were gone, but I was really pleased with the way the image came out.  There's a brooding energy in the landscape and the clouds, and the way the horses seem to flow up the slope, that I really like.


Technical Specifications: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II with the kit 14-42mm EZ lens


About Richard
I work in Wind Power Operations, heading up the Continuous Improvement team. In Operations, we're responsible for maintaining our offshore wind farms to ensure they are ready to produce power when the wind is blowing.  My team and I work with the management and technicians at our sites to find better and safer ways to carry out the maintenance.  Wind Power has grown rapidly since joining DONG Energy four years ago, so I've had a few different operational and commercial management roles -- and every time I've been impressed by the energy and commitment of my colleagues.

 Runner up: Aled Moses

Regulatory Affairs Advisor


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Story behind the photo

I was visiting family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and we took some time to visit the Batu Caves, a Hindu shrine and the focal point of the extraordinary Thaipusam festival. These caves were filled with macaques, who are essentially habituated. We were walking sources of food and drink to them, and they reminded us of that pretty forcefully. Luckily, I was able to catch a few of them taking a break from their usual monkeying around.

Technical Specifications:
Nikon D90 and Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.


About Aled
I'm a hobbyist photographer that enjoys capturing landscapes just as much as the journey to get there. I'm mostly vegetarian, a martial arts instructor and a believer in a better future! I work in the UK Regulatory and Stakeholder Affairs team where I look at areas ranging from support frameworks, integrating renewables into the electricity system, and how we pay for the National Grid.

Runner up: Natasha Nanuck

Stakeholder Advisor


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Story behind the photo
It was uncharacteristically cold in late March whilst I was on a walk near Patterdale in the Lake District. It was incredibly quiet and my partner and I were wading through more than 50 centimeters of snowdrifts. I came across this deer which was also having trouble and managed to catch it mid-jump. I like how the hedgerow forms a wave-like shape across the photo. I chose to shoot the image in black and white because there was better contrast against the white snow.


Technical Specifications: Canon 350D with the kit lens


About Natasha

I am passionate about the energy and environment sectors. I am a Stakeholder Advisor where I work on three of our wind farms under construction. I feel my role links the project teams who design, build and operate the wind farms, to those who have an interest or are affected by our projects. I really enjoy speaking to stakeholders about offshore wind as I believe we are making a positive difference to our environment and our energy system.

Runner up: Christopher Rogers

   Contract Manager 

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Story behind the photo

The image was taken on the Fens near Ludham in Norfolk on a bright spring day last year whilst visiting my parents. The swans came low over the surrounding trees and circled passed me. I had very little time to take a shot as they were moving quite fast before flying away.  


Technical Specifications: Canon EoS 70D with 100-400 zoom at 400mm






About Christopher

I work as a Contract manager in the Site Investigation department specifically on Geophysical surveys (these surveys are used to map the sea-bed and give an insight into the topography of the land and rock layers below). In this role, I cover the procurement aspect of the contracts we make with the Survey companies. My main hobby is photography where I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife and Motorsport.