Race Bank Variation Met Mast

DONG Energy are building an offshore wind farm at Race Bank in the Greater Wash off the coast of Norfolk and Lincolnshire. The project received consent (known as a section 36 consent) from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in July 2012. DONG Energy previously applied to vary this consent in 2015, details for which can be found here.


The project has now applied to the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS) (following the abolition of DECC) to vary this consent further. Specifically, DONG Energy is seeking to remove the wording in Condition 2 that requires DONG Energy to 'retain' a meteorological ('met') mast on the site as it is DONG Energy's view that this wording could be misinterpreted to suggest that a met mast must always be maintained on site which was not the original intention of the wording. The lattice tower of the Project's met mast was removed from its foundation structure by Centrica (RBW) Limited in 2013, following the discovery of a potential design flaw relating to the structural integrity of the lattice tower that meant it may have been vulnerable to early fatigue. Centrica (RBW) Limited therefore decommissioned the met mast lattice tower as a precautionary safety measure. DONG Energy does not intend to install any further anemometry equipment on the remaining foundation structure and therefore now intends to remove the remaining foundation structure. The works to remove the foundation have been consented separately through the granting of a new Marine License.



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DBEIS Contact Information

Details of the variation application are available for download from the links on this page. DONG Energy has published consultation notices of this application in local and national newspapers and journals. Comments from members of the public and interested groups are invited and should be submitted to DBEIS at the address below by 9th September 2016.


Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Energy Infrastructure Planning Team
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