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Community Consultation Event Materials

Phase 1

Phase One Consultation Event Overview
Phase One Consultation Summary Report

Phase 1.B

Phase 1.B Consultation Event Overview

Hornsea Project Three - Refined Export Cable Corridor

Hornsea Project Three - Indicative Onshore Cable Corridor
Phase 1.B Feedback Form - The deadline for completing a feedback form for Phase 1.B consultation is Friday 31st March.

Offshore Map: Offshore map showing offshore array area and refined export cable corridor

Onshore map 1: Shows landfall zone and onshore HVAC booster station options

Onshore map 2: Shows refined cable route

Onshore map 3: Shows refined cable route corridor and onshore substation search area
HVAC heat map exercise: Shows most/least constrained areas within the onshore HVAC booster station search area
Substation heat map: Shows most/least constrained areas within the onshore substation search area  


Environmental Impact Assessment

Scoping Report

Scoping Opinion


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Released November 2016)



Habitat Regulations Assessment

Habitat Regulations Assessment: Screening Report



January 2017

November 2016


Project Manager Blog (Archive)

March 2017: Emily  

January 2017: Stuart


Statement of Community Consultation