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Community Consultation Event Materials

Phase 1

Phase One Consultation Event Overview
Phase One Consultation Summary Report

Phase 1.B

Phase 1.B Consultation Event Overview

Phase 1.B Consultation Summary Report


Environmental Impact Assessment

Scoping Report

Scoping Opinion


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Released November 2016)



Habitat Regulations Assessment

Habitat Regulations Assessment: Screening Report



Hornsea Project Three - Refined Export Cable Corridor

Hornsea Project Three - Indicative Onshore Cable Corridor

Offshore Map: Offshore map showing offshore array area and refined export cable corridor

Onshore map 1: Shows landfall zone and onshore HVAC booster station options

Onshore map 2: Shows refined cable route

Onshore map 3: Shows refined cable route corridor and onshore substation search area
HVAC heat map exercise: Shows most/least constrained areas within the onshore HVAC booster station search area
Substation heat map: Shows most/least constrained areas within the onshore substation search area  



January 2017

November 2016


Project Manager Blog (Archive)

March 2017: Emily  

January 2017: Stuart


Statement of Community Consultation