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Hornsea Project ThreeHornsea Project ThreeDONG Energy is proposing to develop a new offshore wind farm (Hornsea Project Three), in the North Sea, off the North Norfolk Coast. ​The proposed wind farm will be capable of generating up to 2,400 MW of electricity, enough to meet the average daily needs of well over 2 million homes.The Project team is exploring an offshore area of up to 696 km2, which is more than 17 times the size of Norwich, and over 120 km offshore, over three times the distance from Norwich to Cromer.






​DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe, headquartered in Denmark, with UK head offices in Central London and numerous site offices around the UK. We are the world leader in developing, constructing and operating offshore wind farms, with over 3,000 MW of operational capacity globally.

In August 2015, DONG Energy acquired the rights to develop the Hornsea Zone from SMart Wind Ltd, who were originally awarded the zone in The Crown Estate Round 3 bid process. To date, Hornsea Project One and Hornsea Project Two have both received planning consent, and Hornsea Project One is currently under construction after reaching Final Investment Decision in February 2016.

We are now exploring the potential to develop a third project in the zone, Hornsea Project Three Offshore Wind Farm, which is currently in the early pre-application stage for a DCO. For more information on how you can get involved, please see our section on Public Consultation.

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Planning Process

​As a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) , the Project must apply for a Development Consent Order (DCO) . Consents for the offshore wind farm, offshore and onshore cable route including substations will be included in the DCO.

In England and Wales, the DCO is examined by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS), who will consider a number of issues, including the impacts on the local area, and must be satisfied that we have undertaken sufficient pre-application consultation with local communities under consultation requirements contained in section 42 (statutory consultees) and section 47 (local communities) of the Planning Act 2008.

If the application is accepted, PINS will then coordinate the examination of our application with an independent Examining Authority panel, who will in turn make a recommendation to the Secretary of State (SoS) for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The SoS will then review and comment on this before making a decision on whether to grant Development Consent.

Visit the Planning Inspectorate website for:


Public Consultation

We at DONG Energy want to hear your views on our proposed Project.

Throughout this consultation period, we will do everything we can to make sure that everyone who may feel a direct or indirect impact from our proposed development, and wants to make their views known, has an opportunity to do so. We recognise that you and your community offer an extensive pool of local knowledge, and want to work with you to address any concerns you may have to help shape the Project as it develops.  

We recognise that effective consultation means balancing the tension between early engagement, when plans are fluid enough for you to influence their direction, and presenting proposals that are firm enough to allow you to comment effectively. For this reason, we plan to hold a minimum of two rounds of public consultation events.

We are committed to open, honest and inclusive engagement, and will support anyone who wishes to become involved, whether it be to share his or her views or simply find out more about the Project. We want to keep you informed throughout the consultation period and beyond, and will make sure that you receive proper feedback, so you know what views were expressed during the consultation, how they changed the plans for the project, and in instances where we did not make any changes, we will explain why this was the case.

Our first round of community consultation events took place in venues across Norfolk between October 31 - November 9. A short summary of all of the feedback received at these events is available here.


Hornsea Project Three is currently in the pre-application phase for a Development Consent Order, the major consent required to allow the development to proceed. The diagram below outlines the consultation process in the lead up to submission of our DCO application in 2018. Phase One (informal) consultation will take place until Q3 2017, before a second phase of consultation (Phase Two) on the Preliminary Environmental Information is conducted. There will be a minimum of two rounds of community consultation events, one per phase.

If this is successful, construction of the offshore wind farm is anticipated to take place between 2022 and 2025*.


*Please note that all dates listed above are estimates and subject to change. This webpage will be updated as more information becomes available.


Project Manager's Blog

As the project progresses we thought it would be nice to share some of the stories behind the scenes so that you can see what goes into planning and building a huge infrastructure project such as this. Each month, we'll bring you an update from a member of the team. Read our stories below.



Thank you for attending our recent community consultation events…Thank you for attending our recent community consultation events…

​This month's blog comes from Emily, the Consultation Manager, who gives an update on our latest round of community consultation events and the opportunities for you to have your say…

A big thank you to everyone who attended our recent community consultation events…

My role as Consultation Manager is to manage our pre-application consultation with members of the local community. This includes coordinating our community consultation events and managing our communications channels, including our website, email and community newsletters. I really enjoy my job as on top of having a wide overview of the project, I'm also able to get out and about to meet key stakeholders, such as local councillors and residents, listen to their thoughts on the project and feed this information back to the wider team as the proposal is further refined.

We've just completed our second round of community consultation events in locations along our refined onshore cable corridor and it was great to meet so many people interested in the proposal. Attendees' knowledge of the project and offshore wind varied from knowing a lot, to knowing absolutely nothing, and I think these face-to-face conversations are invaluable in terms of keeping people informed and ensuring that all their questions are answered. 

These events are a really important part of the development process, and one of the parts I enjoy most about my role as I'm passionate about talking to people about the project. Especially to local people, as I always learn something new about the area, and this local knowledge is key to developing the best proposal for their area. It's also fun to speak to people about offshore wind in general and how far the technology has come in the past 10 years. We even take 360-degree virtual reality glasses to the events, so people can experience what it's like to stand on the top of an offshore wind turbine! It's not for the feint-hearted!

The next stage is for us to take away the feedback and comments, combine it with results of environmental surveys, technical and feasibility studies, and ongoing consultation with landowners and statutory bodies. We'll take all this information and further refine the cable corridor and suggested sites for the onshore substation and HVAC booster if we need one, then come back to Norfolk in late Summer for another round of consultation events. We'll keep you posted on when these are, so hopefully see you then!

Missed the events? Don't worry there's still time to feedback…

If you were unable to attend one our events, you can view all the information online in our event overview and complete one of our online feedback forms. We have also published some more detailed maps on our website in the documents library following feedback from attendees and will be uploading an updated version of the interactive map this week.

We have asked that you return/complete the forms by the end of March, however you can comment on our plans at any point during the consultation period, in the lead up submission of our application in 2018. Once we have received all the feedback forms from this round of events, we will prepare a Consultation Summary Report, which will summarise all the views expressed at these events. If you would like to receive a copy of this report, you can register your interest  and we'll send this to you directly.


2.00000000000000, Emily Woolfenden, Consultation Manager for Hornsea Project 30

Did you know?

If built out to full capacity (2.4 GW), Hornsea Project Three will be the world's largest offshore wind farm


...capable of powering every home in Norfolk 5 times over!

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Interactive Map

We have updated our interactive map to include more detail on the path of the cable route. Use the legend below to customize the map according to your needs.

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Cable Route

Below outlines the refined indicative cable corridor for Hornsea Project 3. For a more detailed map and further information, see the Phase 1.B consultation event overview or go to document library and find the materials under Community Consultation Event Materials Phase 1.B.

Hornsea Project Three Cable Route

​Want to know more about our proposal?

We've created an interactive map to make it easier for you to find your nearest information point. Customize your search and go to various locations for copies of our Statement of Community Consultation and community newsletters.


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