Offshore Wind Farms in Development


We currently have three offshore wind farms in development. Read more about the latest activities for these projects.





Hornsea Project TwoHornsea Project Two

Hornsea Project Two was granted consent by the Secretary of State for Energy on the 16th August 2016. When complete, it will be able to meet the electricity needs of up to 1.6 million homes per year, and bring low carbon power to the UK and the opportunity for economic growth in the Humber region.

Full Project Details

Once complete, the project will consist of up to 300 turbines and is located approximately 89km off the Yorkshire coast.



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Hornsea Project ThreeHornsea Project Three

​DONG Energy is proposing to develop a new offshore wind farm (Hornsea Project Three), in the North Sea, off the North Norfolk Coast. ​The proposed wind farm will be capable of generating up to 2,400 MW of electricity, enough to meet the average daily needs of well over 2 million homes.

Full Project Details

The Project team is exploring an offshore area of up to 696 km2, which is more than 17 times the size of Norwich, and over 120 km offshore, over three times the distance from Norwich to Cromer.



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Isle of ManIsle of Man

​We are investigating a particular area off the coast of the Isle of Man for future wind farm development​.

​DONG Energy has signed an agreement with the Isle of Man Government for the right to investigate the suitability of a potential offshore wind farm location approximately 6-12 nautical miles off the east coast of the island.

About the project

DONG Energy was awarded "Preferred Bidder" status in November 2014, following a tender process conducted by the Isle of Man Government earlier in the year.

DONG Energy has now signed an Agreement for Lease (AfL) with the Isle of Man Government.  This AfL gives DONG Energy the right to investigate an agreed area within the Isle of Man Territorial Seas, located approximately 6-12 nautical miles off the east coast of the island, to determine its suitability for an offshore wind farm.

It will take a number of years to complete these investigations, after which there will be an option to execute a lease with the Isle of Man Government for the seabed over the lifetime of the wind farm, if conditions are suitable.

Planning Consent will be needed before a lease is signed with the Isle of Man Government and if conditions are not suitable for an offshore wind farm DONG Energy will hand the site back to the Isle of Man Government.

Subject to the specific findings of the investigations throughout the development stage, construction activities would be likely to take place post-2020.

Project Description​

The site under investigation for the proposed wind farm is located within the Territorial Seas of the Isle of Man, to the east of the island.

The project is at an early stage of development, and as such its final layout and size are not known.  It is important to note that the final size of the windfarm will be less than the area currently earmarked by the AfL for investigation.

Subject to our investigations, and the outcome of future consenting processes, the proposed windfarm could generate up to 700 megawatts (MW) of electricity.  The number of wind turbine generators, and their likely size, is not yet known, but will be considered during the planning and consenting processes.

Environmental Assessment

DONG Energy will be producing an Environmental Statement to support the applications for  Marine Infratsructure Licence and other consents needed for the export cable installation outside of Isle of Man waters.  Work has started on the production of an EIA Scoping Report for the potential offshore works.

Other information

  • ​​​DONG Energy awarded Preferred bidder status
  • Signed an Agreement for lease November 2015​
  • Now investigating territory 6-12 miles off the east coast of the Isle of Man
  • Pending investigation, any potential wind farm could be up to approximately 700MW
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