Become a supplier

In DONG Energy Wind Power we know that suppliers are a vital part of our success as market leader in the offshore wind business. Therefore we value relationships with our suppliers and welcome new suppliers to be part of our supply chain.

DONG Energy Wind Power has chosen to introduce a global qualification system framework in cooperation with Achilles who operates the systems. Our intention is to make the process of doing business with DONG Energy Wind Power easier for the majority of the procurement we do, as this qualification system framework will enable us to streamline the way we engage with suppliers in different locations/projects, how we qualify them and share that information across the DONG Energy Wind Power business. Our aim is to reduce the cost, time and effort involved in doing business for both DONG Energy Wind Power and our suppliers.


​We currently use 3 qualification systems:
  • Sellihca: All our global categories as well as locals in Scandinavia

  • Connexio: Local categories in Germany

  • UVDB: Local categories in the United Kingdom

You can see our definition of categories in the document on the right hand side



Code of conduct for suppliers, Code of conduct for suppliersPDF1
Definition of categories, Wind Power procurement category definitionPDF1



Do you wish to qualify as a supplier?

​Your company can start qualification by clicking one of the links below: