Wind Power

We have  more than 30 years' experience in wind power

​DONG Energy is the market leader in offshore wind. We have more than 30 years experience in wind power and more than 20 years experience in developing, building and running wind farms. While the majority of our wind power capacity was originally located in Denmark, an increasing amount is derived from offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom. New farms are also under development.

​Leader in offshore wind power

DONG Energy has over 20 years experience in offshore wind farm development and today we are the market leader in offshore wind power. DONG Energy’s wind farms are based in North West Europe and we have built more offshore wind farms than any other company in the world to date.

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Clean and reliable energy

DONG Energy aims to supply clean and reliable energy. We develop, build and run wind farms and have we aim to have installed 6.5GW of capacity by 2020.

We currently have 3GW of offshore wind power in operation around Europe and almost 3.3GW under construction

The main focus of Wind Power is to maintain and develop DONG Energy’s leading market position within offshore wind power in North West Europe. We will do this through:

  • Taking advantage of the Group's strengths

  • Developing and strengthening our project pipeline

  • Industrialising and optimising processes in the construction and operational phase

  • Entering partnerships and sell-offs to focus on offshore wind.

Several of our wind farms have their own websites where you can read more via the links to the right.