Sales (Energy for Business)

We are the one of the UK's largest  business energy suppliers

DONG Energy is one of the UK's leading energy suppliers to Industrial and Commercial Business. Our mission is to develop energy systems that are green, independent and economically viable - and every day we're working hard to transform the energy landscape.


Whether you want to increase the volume of renewable energy you use, manage your energy price effectively or become more energy efficient, we'll help you achieve your objectives.

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Geographical markets outside the UK:




​DONG Energy Sales is responsible for providing efficient and reliable supplies of electricity and gas to more than 1.2 million residential, public sector and business customers in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.With more than one million customers, Denmark is our main market, where we enjoy a leading position in  with market shares of 26% and 26% for gas and power in 2015.


In Sweden, we support businesses on their transformation towards sustainable and renewable energy, providing biogas, natural gas and related services.


Our German sales organisation sells energy products and flexibility solutions, to more than 200 municipal utilities and industrial clients.