Your goals

We understand that your energy goals are as individual as your business. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, save money or enjoy price stability, we're here to help.





Green energyGreen energy

Our Climate Partnerships help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.​
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​Your ​Automated Meter Reading (AMR) service puts you in control of your gas consumption by making accurate and timely meter readings available at the click of a mouse.
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​​DONG Energy is the world's largest generator offshore wind power. We're committed to providing you with renewable power options.

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Price certainty Price certainty

​Our fixed price gas and power products give you complete cost certainty, as you pay a set unit price that's based on your forecast consumption. This is irrespective of any changes in wholesale energy prices – so you're protected from market fluctuations.


​​Our fixed price power contract gives you simplicity and greater cost certainty.
​Our fixed price gas contracts are the best way to mitigate upside risk, allowing you to secure your entire exposure regardless of what happens in the market.
Our simplest fixed price gas contract allows you to budget with confidence, as you pay a fixed gas price based on your forecast of your annual consumption.
Flexible productsFlexible products

​​Our flexible price gas and power products link the price you pay for energy to wholesale market prices. You benefit from exposure to market fluctuations, and you choose your level of involvement in the day-to-day management of your energy price and risk exposure.


​​​​​Take control of pricing and manage your risk – with full support, transparency and flexibility.
Our flexible gas contracts allow you to build the 'structure' of your contract around your portfolio type, risk appetite and budget requirements.