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We understand that your energy needs are as individual as your business. We segment our products based on the characteristics and objectives of your business – the below shows your consumption as a business and therefore the DONG Energy for Business products that could suit you.





Small business


Small business

Our gas solutions for small businesses help you to reduce the time you spend on energy paperwork, leaving you free to focus on your core business.


Gas: 300,000kWh or less

Energy spend: 10k or less


Medium business​


Medium business

Our gas and power solutions for medium businesses make it easy to monitor, manage and reduce your energy consumption.


Gas: 10GWh or less

Power: 5GWh or less

Energy spend: 500k or less


Large business​


​Large business​

Actively manage your energy or let us do it for you.


Gas: 10GWh or more

Power: 5GWh or more

Energy spend: Over 500k

​Multisite business

​Multisite business

We're highly experienced in supplying energy for complex multi-site organisations.


Gas and power: 20+ sites

Energy spend: Over 500k




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