We offer a range of electricity contracts for all types of business, including fixed price and flexible priced contract options.


Solutions to suit your business


Our electricity products are developed in close collaboration with customers. As a result, we offer fresh solutions that can be tailored to suit your business needs and characteristics.


Can I buy renewable electricity?

As the world's largest generator of offshore wind, we're committed to providing you with renewable options to suit your needs.


DONG Energy supplies renewable energy without the premium, putting renewable contracts on an equal footing with ‘brown’ contracts. We believe that by making this investment on behalf of UK companies, we can help to bring businesses closer to a sustainable energy future.


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Green energy 

Market information and advice


We provide full support to help you manage your energy supply. Any time you need advice, you'll have direct access to your dedicated account manager and our trading desk. We'll also give you quarterly industry bulletins and daily market reports and price information.


Renewable energy experts


DONG Energy leads the UK market for offshore wind. We have invested a total of £5.5bn in our UK operations since 2004, with a further £4bn committed to offshore wind by 2020.  As experts in both renewable power generation and supply, we create renewable energy products to help achieve your business objectives.


Our fuel mix


A fuel mix is the ratio of different fuels or energy sources used to generate the electricity supplied, including electricity from the wholesale market. Each year, energy suppliers are required to publish information about their fuel mix.

The information in the table below shows DONG Energy's fuel mix, along with the UK average, for the period from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015. This is broken down as a percentage of electricity produced from each source, along with the environmental impact.


  DONG Energy Average for UK
Coal 31.2% 26.7%
Natural gas 29.2% 29.7%
Nuclear 11.4% 22.2%
Renewables 23.2% 19.3%
Other fuels  5.1 %   2.1%
Total  100%  100%


Environmental Impact
Carbon dioxide emissions 425.00 CO2 g/KWh
Radioactive waste       0.0008 g/KWh