Flexible gas contracts

  • A complete solution with everything you need to make informed buying decisions.
  • A dedicated expert support team on hand whenever you need us.
  • Opportunity to benefit from market fluctuations.
  • Choose your level of involvement, with index-linked or market-linked products.
  • Actively manage your purchasing in line with your latest consumption forecast.
  • Opportunity to hedge when market conditions are right for your business.
  • Long-term budget management with access to the wholesale market.             


How does it work?


Often referred to as a 'structured' product, flexible contracts allow you to build the 'structure' of your contract around your portfolio type, risk appetite and budget requirements.


Whatever the unique requirements of your business, we'll make sure you get the best tools and support to navigate the gas market.


For example, if you are operating a single or small number of industrial plants and you want to engage on the short-term markets, we'll make sure that you can trade in those markets with no premium. We'll provide you with dedicated trading and account management support. We can even map an existing risk strategy to your contract, and provide you with trigger alarms and calls to buy.


We'll also give you the ability to choose the cash-out mechanisms your supply is indexed against, so you can be confident your profile is both optimised and protected.


On the other hand, if you're operating from dozens of locations and are prone to site closures or openings, exposure to cash-out could be seen as a risk. We can introduce tolerance banding, which gives you all the benefits of the flexible product, whilst protecting you against volume volatility.


Our cost to deliver you a complete, tailor-made solution makes up a tiny percentage of your total contract. We know from experience that by taking the time to create the right solution for your business, we'll provide you with benefits that will offset this cost many times over.


What are the benefits?

  • A dedicated Account Manager and expert support team.

  • Access to the Trading desk and live prices for larger volumes.

  • Smaller volumes can be transacted via your account service team, with regularly revised prices.

  • Buy BoM, for Part Months, Working Days Next Week, Weekends (DM only), OTC or on ICE indices.

  • Receive trigger alerts if a price in line with your budget is breached.

  • Sleeving – ensure the price you pay is truly market reflective.

  • Choose your cash-out index.

  • Complete transparency on non-commodity costs, including Unidentified Gas (UG) and metering.

  • LIVE Transportation – no more separate reconciliation invoices.


Is this product right for my business?


If you consider choosing one day in the year to fix your entire gas budget a risky strategy, spreading that risk through a flexible contract would be the smarter choice.


While procuring flexibly requires an understanding of the market, our award winning customer service, transparency and support can give you confidence and the information you need to make informed buying decisions and develop your knowledge.