We're one of Europe's leading energy providers and have been supplying energy for UK businesses since 1989. Take a look at our history below.






The 1980s

After the market was deregulated in 1989, we were among the first new energy suppliers.


Quadrant Gas, a joint venture between Shell and Esso, entered the newly deregulated UK gas market in 1989, as a supplier to industrial and commercial users.


​The 1990s

In a decade that saw much change in the energy sector, we consolidated our position as a leading business supplier.


In 1995, Quadrant Gas acquired Gas Direct Ltd. In 1997, Shell acquired Esso's share in Quadrant Gas, and in 1998, Quadrant Gas was rebranded as Shell Gas Direct.



​​The 2000s

Building on the progress we've made, we continue to grow. Today we're the third-largest UK business gas supplier.


In 2012, we were acquired and rebranded by DONG Energy. In 2013, we entered the power supply market for the first time.




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​​We're proud to be part of DONG Energy, one of Europe's leading energy providers. With 6,500 employees across Europe, we procure, produce, distribute and trade energy-related products to keep the energy flowing.

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​The energy industry must move towards renewable and clean energy sources, whilst continuing to supply energy at competitive prices.

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