Customer profile: Glatfelter

"We have everything we need to optimise our energy spend."

US Speciality Paper and Fiber Based Engineered Products manufacturer Glatfelter is headquartered in Pennsylvania with manufacturing facilities in the USA, Germany, France, UK, Canada and the Philippines and has worldwide sales of US$ 1.8Bn. The company has seen exceptional growth in recent decades and now employs around 4,500 staff. Sustainability is a key element of the way Glatfelter does business and is consistent with the company’s values of financial responsibility and environmental responsibility. Consequently, energy, pricing, security and usage optimisation is of major importance to the business.

UK Energy Manager Jamie Lavis is responsible for procuring and managing energy supply for UK, including for the company's three UK locations. He says, "Glatfelter has been with DONG Energy Sales (formerly Shell Gas Direct) for gas for many years so it's an arrangement that I inherited when I joined the company. However, I remain very satisfied with the supply relationship, which continues to work well for Glatfelter."

Like most energy-intensive companies, account service is a high priority for Glatfelter - along with competitive management fees and transparent pricing. Jamie says, "I get all of those things from DONG Energy Sales - and it's easy to get service when I need it. If I have any queries, I have direct access to my account manager who gets me talking to the right people straight away. Whilst he's the "go-to" guy, he's backed up by a team with expertise in billing, AMR, metering, technical services and industry issues - so I always get the support I need as soon as I ask for it."

As a manufacturing company, it is key that managers can quickly access billing and consumption data in order to spot anomalies and make operational decisions. Jamie says, "The bills from DONG Energy Sales are succinct and transparent, with all charges clearly identified. This is really important to me as I need to closely monitor that information in detail as, in addition to being an important financial accounting tool, it underpins our energy efficiency strategy. Invoices are always accurate and arrive on time. Plus, DONG Energy Sales emails them directly to me - a small thing, but it's important to me so they have built it into the service they provide."

On the trading side, successful execution of the company's risk strategy relies on securing the right product. Jamie believes that Glatfelter has benefitted from DONG Energy Sales' partnership approach and appetite for customisation. He says, "It's vital that our energy supply relationships are able to support our risk profile and DONG Energy Sales delivers this by understanding and helping deliver our energy procurement hedging strategy. In addition, we receive comprehensive pricing and market data to help manage, monitor and measure the market and our position. This information is very valuable as it informs not only immediate hedging decisions but our decision-making going forward. On top of that, we also receive monthly information about the regulatory environment, market fundamentals, network code updates and revisions to distribution charges - those things aren't always publicised a great deal and it's not always easy to forecast. With this information, plus the support of an effective and professional account service team, we have everything we need to optimise our energy spend."