Fixed price gas for I&C

  • Price certainty during your contract period.
  • Protection from fluctuating market conditions.
  • Contract terms to suit your business.
  • Fully fixed costs or live pass through costs.


How does it work?


Our fixed price gas contracts are the best way to mitigate upside risk. If budget certainty is important to you, you can secure your entire exposure regardless of what happens in the market.


You can also fix all non-commodity elements, or take advantage of our LIVE Transportation pass through, where we'll reconcile your costs within the same monthly invoice, removing those 'extra' invoices.


We also offer tolerance banding to protect you when your actual consumption differs from your forecast consumption. We'll give you all the information you need to make informed choices with daily and monthly market bulletins, regulatory updates and carbon/energy reports.


What are the benefits?

  • Cost certainty and the removal of upside market risk.

  • Fix all non-commodity costs, or take advantage of our LIVE transportation reconciliations.

  • Fully fixed gives you complete cost certainty with no need to worry about fluctuating market conditions.

  • Tolerance banding also protects you from market fluctuations, whilst letting you set the tolerance band and conciliation period that suits your business.

  • Should we make any profit when reselling gas on your behalf, we'll return this to you.

Is this product right for my business?

  • If your business uses less than 3GWh per year and price certainty is important to you, this product is ideal for your business.

  • Using more gas, or want to actively manage your gas price? Try our Flexible Gas product.