Trading Solutions

Our trading solution 'Portfolio Management' provides large energy users with a one stop shop' for trading and risk management services. Energy is one of the most volatile commodities in the world, and DONG Energy's expert team of traders can work with you to build customised risk management strategies based on your business needs, risk tolerance and internal policies. 


Why Portfolio Management?

  • Energy is highly volatile - and complex to procure
    Portfolio Management provides a structured approach to help you manage risk and deal with price movements in the market.

  • Budget certainty

    Our traders assist you in creating a professional risk management strategy for energy procurement leading to increased budget certainty.

  • Save time

    Our services take away the time associated with managing risk, giving you more time to focus on core responsibilities.


Your Options

Explore the options below to determine the best fit for you:


Risk Management Lite

  • Market insights
    Daily and monthly market reports and quarterly webinars.

  • Access to market expertise
    A direct line to our trading floor when you need it for market discussions or queries.

  • Trading services
    Trade live market prices, or place orders and limits     

​​Risk Management

           All features of Risk Management Lite plus:           
  • Full strategy development and management
    We will develop a full risk management strategy that suits your business, based on your risk appetite and need for budget certainty.
  • Market monitoring
    Our traders will continuously monitor the market on your behalf, and make contact with you in accordance with the defined strategy or whenever there are changes in the market that may affect your strategy.
  • Monthly status reports
    You will receive a detailed monthly report, including an overview of your position and exposure and the agreed strategy.
  • Quarterly webinar
    Your dedicated trader will host a quarterly webinar to summarise your market position and strategy, as well as plan for the next quarter.

Price Management

  • ​With Price Management, our traders work to achieve a lower energy price, by taking advantage of the high volatility of energy markets, and being active in the forward market.

    You can decide what percentage of your contract volume you would like to place under the service. Any profits are shared equally between the customer and DONG Energy. Any losses are covered by DONG Energy.

    Price Management is separate from Risk Management and therefore does not compromise your budget stability.

  • If you are interested in Portfolio Management and would like to discuss your options, please contact us.

Why DONG Energy?

  • We are an energy company DONG Energy is highly active within both upstream and downstream energy markets in Northern Europe, therefore our industry professionals are equipped with the market knowledge to create your strategy.
  • Expertise Portfolio Management provides you with direct contact to the expertise of our trading floor, where our team of traders work in the energy markets daily.
  • Experience Our team is highly experienced in risk management and trading strategies and has worked with customers across industries for over a decade.
  • Customised solutions Our traders work with you to create a strategy tailored to your needs. Portfolio Management is also available across territories, giving you one point of access for risk management.