Site Optimisation

​Site Optimisation helps you to unlock the value of your assets without extra investment. 

It calculates the optimal run schedule for your operating plant by analysing market signals, such as wholesale energy prices, in relation to operating constraints and asset availability. For example, it knows when electricity distribution and transmission costs are likely to be at their highest, and adjusts run schedules accordingly, so you can reduce costs. It also calculates the best times to import or export electricity, so you can maximise your revenue. 

Site Optimisation has been developed over a four-year period by DONG Energy - and it's unique in the market place.


Why is site optimisation different? 

  • Create new revenue: Calculates the optimal time to generate on-site or export to the grid.

  • Reduce costs: Helps you to avoid system costs at peak periods so you can lower your overall expenditure.

  • Save time: Automated run schedules are planned for you, saving you time.

  • Simple to understand: Run schedules are tailored to your requirements and are simple to understand and implement.

  • Quick access: All run schedules can be accessed quickly through an online portal.

  • No expenditure: A cloud based solution, accessed through an online portal, so there's no need to invest in more equipment or resource.

  • Responsive: Capitalise on short-term market opportunities.

  • Adaptable: Works with a range of technology and assets and can be tailored to your site and its changing requirements.