A greener energy future

​​The UK's energy infrastructure is changing. By unlocking flexibility in consumption, large energy users can help to keep the system balanced, whilst cutting energy costs and generating new revenue.


Our new animation explains why flexibility is so important, and how you can get in involved through DONG Energy’s Renewable Balancing Reserve scheme.


What makes Renewable Balancing Reserve different?


  • Available all year round - just choose a half hour period convenient for you

  • No commitment - you choose when to take part

  • Penalty free - if you don't take part, there's no penalty



As the operator of the largest offshore wind portfolio in the UK and a supplier to an increasing portfolio of British businesses, DONG Energy's Renewable Balancing Reserve help balance its portfolio and fulfil generation contracts in the most cost-effective way. DONG Energy invites customers to either turn down consumption or increase on-site generation when the wind blows more or less than forecast, helping to keep the system balanced and creating new revenue for business.