Price Pilot

Use electricity price spikes to increase export revenue and reduce import costs.


With Price Pilot, you can take advantage of spikes in day-ahead electricity prices by adapting your forecasted volume. You set your desired price per MWh, and we'll let you know when the market has reached the price, along with the difference it will make to your revenue or costs.




How it works






  • Earn revenue and save costs

    Take advantage of day-ahead price spikes by exporting more, or importing less during N2EX price highs.

  • You're in control

    You have complete control over when you reforecast and the price you set. Because you can reforecast up to the day-ahead, it's easy to benefit from short term market opportunities.

  • Save resource costs

    Delivery of instant reforecasts on the portal removes the need to monitor day-ahead prices in-house.

  • Easy to use

    Quickly see how much you will earn or save for the current day, along with market prices and history.


Why DONG Energy?

DONG Energy is leading the way in commercial flexibility, helping businesses take a smarter, more flexible approach to energy management. Our experts are on hand to provide any information or technical support that you need.
  • We are an energy company DONG Energy is highly active within both upstream and downstream energy markets in Northern Europe, therefore our industry professionals are equipped with the market knowledge to create your strategy.
  • Expertise Portfolio Management provides you with direct contact to the expertise of our trading floor, where our team of traders work in the energy markets daily.
  • Experience Our team is highly experienced in risk management and trading strategies and has worked with customers across industries for over a decade.
  • Customised solutions Our traders work with you to create a strategy tailored to your needs. Portfolio Management is also available across territories, giving you one point of access for risk management.