Flexibility Solutions

The UK's energy mix is changing. By taking a flexible approach to energy consumption, you can help balance the energy system, lower costs and generate new revenue. DONG Energy is leading the way in the development of sophisticated tools that enable businesses to be more flexible in the way that energy is consumed.



Learn about our solutions:


Energy Vision

Gives you forward sight of electricity prices so you can plan the best times to consume and export.






Site Optimisation

Calculates the optimal run schedule for your operating plant, saving energy costs.


Renewable Balancing Reserve

Creates new revenue for your business, without commitment or penalty.  






Price Pilot

Use electricity price spikes to increase export revenue and reduce import costs.  



Flexibility Reports

For more information read our simple guides on our solutions.

Energy Management Challenge

Test your skills and see if you can create the most cost-efficient run schedule for the site, over an 8 hour period.

Case Study: Kodak Alaris

Find out how Kodak Alaris saved 11% on energy costs using Site Optimisation.


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