Automatic Meter Reader (AMR)

What is AMR?

Automatic Meter Reader (AMR), is a device which is attached to your gas or electricity meter. Your consumption information is then sent via SMS to our secure online portal for you to access.


What are the benefits? 


  • Save energy, save money. Monitor consumption across all sites to reduce inefficiency or wastage.
  • Accurate bills. We use precise readings rather than estimates to calculate your invoice.
  • Next day energy consumption reporting.  Understand your energy consumption for the previous day, week, month, with details for each half-hourly of usage.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.  With fewer manual readings, we are working together to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Added safety and security. With minimal physical maintenance needed, AMR is ideal for sites with restricted or sensitive access.      
How is AMR installed?

The AMR unit works in any organisation, regardless of the amount of energy you use. We will fit the AMR device to an existing pulsed meter. If your meter needs to be exchanged, we will arrange this for you free of charge.     


When is AMR installed?

We always look to install AMR quickly, so that our customers can benefit as soon as possible.   We will be in touch with you shortly after your receive your first invoice to discuss when we can come out to install AMR. We will then manage all work for you, to save you time.   If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact our Customer Service team on 0800 0568 101 or