A meaningful job

​Energy is our job and the basis of modern life. The production of energy impacts our climate and that makes it one of the big challenges of the future. Together with others, DONG Energy has an influence on the direction in which the energy sector should move in the future. Our employees work with cutting-edge technologies in a changing sector and we develop tomorrow’s solutions in the energy sector, both in practice and in theory. We constantly develop and improve our knowledge on efficient and responsible energy production within thermal as well as renewable energy.

Enery is our job and the basis of modern life.

​We also lead the global fight against CO2

The fight against CO2 knows no boundaries. Accordingly we are pursuing climate projects aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in a sustainable manner around the globe. These projects result in CO2 reductions that wouldn’t have occurred if the climate project in question had not been implemented.

The projects we invest in help us to achieve our climate goals, and at the same time we support sustainable developments in the countries where we operate. These projects include the exploitation of excess heat for generating power in China, energy efficiency improvements in India, hydro power plants in Peru, district heating in Russia, wind farms in Estonia and Lithuania and small solar power plants in Bangladesh.

Most recently, we joined forces with CARE Danmark to develop a joint energy project that will help the populations of Ghana and Vietnam.