Diversity policy

​Diversity will play a significant role in DONG Energy’s growth in future. We are of the opinion that different types of competences and ways to view and approach problem areas will strengthen our possibilities to meet our strategy and vision. We see significant investments and growth on ia the international markets which will have a large impact on our organisation and our culture. We will enter into new markets and other cultures which will affect our way of co-operation and our way of doing business.

This policy applies to all employees in the entire DONG Energy.

Diverse group of people at work

“responsible, result-oriented and responsive” create the basis for our common efforts



The frameworkThe framework

​In DONG Energy we want to create the framework for unprejudiced relationships where focus is on results and development of the individual employee and of our company. Therefore, we expect that our employees, potential new employees, suppliers, customers and business partners show latitude and recognition in our common relationships and that our values; “responsible, result-oriented and responsive” create the basis for our common efforts.

This requires that we ensure a workplace with the right resources and competences among our employees regardless of their current life situation, sexuality, age, ethnic origin, interests, gender, education, religion etc.

DONG Energy observes national and international legislation governing the area of diversity in our culture and we work to draw attention to and promote a tolerant working environment which is built on mutual trust and respect in our interaction with each other, our potential employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

DONG Energy wants to be among the best when it comes to knowledge about energy, especially when it comes to the ability to convert knowledge into specific solutions. A high state of knowledge requires an ongoing and targeted development of our employees’ potential and the diversity will help us draw attention to and develop this potential.

How do we work with diversity?

We communicate our policy externally as well as internally through a dialogue with our employees, potential employees, suppliers, business partners and customers.

DONG Energy welcomes diversity through the recruitment process, terms of employment, relationships with customers and business partners. The activities will vary according to identified requirements, culture and language and information about these initiatives can be found on our intranet as well as on our external homepages.