The Columbus Programme - our in-house talent programme

​At DONG Energy we offer three general career paths in management, project management and as a specialist. The purpose of our Columbus Programme is to identify and develop talents in these three career paths and focus strongly on their personal developments in relation to our organisational development.

The participants develop their business understanding and their self-understanding in order to become dynamic role models with the possibility of holding management positions at a later time. At the same time, they develop a common platform and build up a strong network internally in the company across professions and business areas.


The programme consists of 6 modules and takes 8-10 months.

  1. Kick-off (1 day)

  2. Personal leadership (3 days)

  3. Strategic leadership (4 days)

  4. Coached leadership (3 days)

  5. Communicating leadership (3 days)

  6. Assessment (1-2 days)



At DONG Energy we offer three general career paths in management, project management and as a specialist

​Concurrently with these modules, the participants prepare a major project. During the periods between the individual modules, the participants study on their own and take part in individual training and coaching with their own manager and colleagues in addition to working on the project.



Who participates?

​20 talented people from the organisation are picked once or twice a year. They are recommended for the programme by their day-to-day manager in cooperation with his/her superior and the HR department performs interviews and tests of the “candidates”.

What is the pay-back?

​The programme gives the participants concrete tools to define personal missions/visions, explore their own development potential and prioritise in their day-to-day work and private lives.

It also strengthens relations to their immediate superiors who during and after the programme will be central cooperation partners on the participants’ road to development.

At the same time, the participants solve a project which they have initiated, managed and completed themselves, a project of real value to the organisation. This gives them good experience.