New Managers Programme

New Managers Programme

It is important to us to offer training and development of employees and managers at all levels

It is important to us to offer training and development of employees and managers at all levels.

We continuously appoint and recruit new management candidates in our business segments and staffs. To ensure that management careers get off to a good start, we have designed a programme for new managers.

​This programme promotes development of management potential, trains managers in concrete management tools and enables networking across business segments and departments. The programme consists of three modules:

  • Module 1: Team management – creating results with and through others

  • Module 2: Personal leadership – you are your own ultimate management tool

  • Module 3: The manager as a result maker – delivering and clarifying results

The programme takes 6-7 months.



Who participates?

​The participants in this programme

  • have at least 6 months’ and not more than two years of management experience

  • have not previously participated in management development programmes

  • are directly in charge of at least 3-4 employees

What is the pay-back?

​The participants get an insight into the challenges and responsibilities involved with being a manager. At the same time, they strengthen their skills for succeeding as managers.
Hence, the participants

  • strengthen their managerial skills and become more aware of their own and other people’s roles on the team

  • gain the tools to develop a team

  • gain an insight into their own driving forces and means

  • learn concrete communication tools

  • strengthen their leader identity

  • gain a better understanding of their role as a communicator

  • achieve understanding of which management styles create results

As part of the programme, we define goals and action plans for the managers’ own development.