Executive Development Programme

Executive Development Programme

We believe the development of individual employees helps strengthen our business position

​We believe the development of individual employees helps strengthen our business position. The flagship of the DONG Energy Academy is our Executive Development Programme. With this programme we strive to tailor and design an international development programme for the development of skilled managers who will achieve a strong network across the company.

In line with our increasing internationalisation, we have developed the programme in an international environment with one of the most prestigious and reputable educational institutions in Europe – the IMD. A large part of the programme is conducted outside Denmark.



Who participates?

​The target group for our Executive Development Programme consists of Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senior Directors, Directors and Senior Managers.

Teaching methods

We believe learning is most efficient through dialogue and that diversity and variation strengthen our reflection abilities. This is how we work every day and for this reason, we have chosen to build our programme on various teaching methods:

  • Classroom training

  • Group work

  • Field projects

  • Feedback sessions

  • Case-based exercises

  • Individual coaching

Preparation prior to the modules, projects and individual coaching are required to ensure that everybody profits optimally by the training and that the training meets the requirements of our day-to-day situation.

The profit

​As a participant on our Executive Development Programme, you will

  • gain a better and more holistic understanding of DONG Energy

  • gain a better business understanding

  • develop a wider perspective on your professional as well as your personal life

  • experience and develop new solution methods

  • strengthen your personal and professional network

  • have the opportunity to develop and shape our company


​The Executive Development Programme is an international programme and part of the learning process will take part outside DONG Energy. We use a number of course and conference facilities in Denmark and abroad and we also use the education institution IMD.

Some of our activities have taken place in Switzerland, France and Italy and in Denmark the programme is conducted at a number of locations.