DONG Energy in the UK

DONG Energy is the global leader in offshore wind power; we are an oil and gas producer and a leading energy supplier to the industrial and commercial market.


Headquartered in Denmark, we have been in the UK since 2004. The UK is now our primary market for offshore wind power production.


We have invested around £6bn in the UK and plan to double this investment by 2020.


We are committed to innovation, taking a lead in driving down the costs of wind power and developing innovative solutions for our energy customers.



A leading energy supplier to UK businessA leading energy supplier to UK business

DONG Energy is a leading energy supplier to the industrial and commercial market in the UK. We are committed to developing innovative solutions for our energy customers, to include a range of flexibility solutions to help business manage energy consumption more effectively. We have also invested to bring our customers renewable electricity at no additional premium. Read more about our Sales business

Continued investment in gas and oilContinued investment in gas and oil

Of course, offshore wind is not the sole solution to the UK energy challenge – the transformation to low carbon supplies cannot happen overnight.

That’s why DONG Energy is a major investor in the West of Shetlands and has one of the largest portfolios of licences in the area. This includes a 20% share in the Total operated Laggan-Tormore project where first gas was produced in the beginning of 2016.

DONG Energy was instrumental in opening up the West of Shetlands for oil and gas production, investing in infrastructure as well as fields.

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A leader in offshore windA leader in offshore wind

DONG Energy is a world leader in offshore wind and the UK is the biggest market for our investment going forwards.

Offshore wind is a central part of the future British energy mix because the UK has an excellent wind resource and is a proven technology that will offer long term energy security to the UK.

We believe offshore wind is a good investment opportunity in the UK. We have also set ourselves the target of reducing the cost of offshore wind by 35 - 40% by 2020.

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