Customer, Supplier or Business Partner Information

If you are a customer to DONG Energy Sales UK:

From 6 November 2017, all communications from us will be under our new name, Ørsted. We understand you may have questions about our change of company name, what this means for our business and how it might affect yours.


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If you are a supplier or business partner to DONG Energy:

Our name change will have no consequences for existing contracts or any other current business relations between our companies.


We kindly ask you to use the new company name from 31 October, which is the day where the new name will be adopted by our General Meeting. Please use the new name on any correspondence with us, such as letters, invoices and contracts.


As of 31 October, all new contracts, orders and other written business commitments will be made in the new name.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your usual point of contact.


Information for trading partners:

The first day of trading in the new company name will be 6 November 2017.

The name and ticker code change do not affect the Company's expectations for the financial results for 2017.